Environment & Waste Services

Our Services for waste management & Environmental Impact Assessment including and covering the mainly section of: -

  • Waste Drilling Control (Waste Soil, Waste Drilling Water, Waste Slag, Waste Drilling Chemical)
  • Waste Camp Management and Waste Segregation Services
  • Environmental Impact Assessment:
    • Environmental Response Plan
    • Environmental Site Control
    • Environmental Risk Analysis
    • Environmental H2S impact assessment
    • Environmental general control
  • Waste Chemical disposal management
  • Waste Oil Spill control and Chemical Spill control
  • Spill Oil investigation and After Oil Spill incidents control and Re – Assessment for Spill incidents
  • Site pre- incidents control management (Spill oil. Spill Chemical, General Waste control)
  • Waste Water control (Water Treatment, purification System, Vibration System)
  • Solid Waste Control for oil and gas
  • Waste general hazards management